Saturday, March 6, 2010

Come Saturday morning....

You can cut and paste the link above (sorry you can't just click on it) to your browser address bar to see and hear a good video of "Come Saturday Morning". I guess my "friend" in the song is my bicycle.

Saturday morning dawned breezy and beautiful...the alarm went off at the usual time, and I only tarried momentarily before greeting the day. The sun had not yet made an appearance, but being on the cusp of Spring, I was looking forward to its arrival.

The short ride to Starbucks was brisk, but hot coffee and delicious oatmeal with brown sugar, fruit and nuts and a nice conversation with a stranger warmed things up quickly.

From Starbucks to Lions Park is "all the way across town", but really not too far for a cool March morning bike ride. The property for Lions Park was acquired in a monumental fund raising effort by the Ennis Host Lions Club a very few years ago. The City of Ennis made a great contribution to the park in the construction, playground equipment, and continued maintenance, but the local Lions take an active part in the park with a standing committee that assembles at the park monthly to make sure it is kept clean. The park is an asset to our community, and there were a number of citizens using the park's walking/jogging path to get their exercise this morning. I have taken my grandson to play at the park, and it really is okay with me to comply with the green sign.

I insisted that my picture be taken "working", lest the Lions Club Tailtwister (Lion Bill Cox) think the only reason I rode my bike to the park was to be the photographer.

Often Lion members bring their children to help work at the park. In this picture you see Lion Jim Haberman with his daughters, along with Lion Ed Wright and Lion BicycleBill.

From Lions Park, I rode back across town to Ennis' best kept secret, Kenny's Bike Shop (no, you've never heard of it and you don't know where it is), but Kenny wasn't there, so I'll get a picture next time. Then back across town to the post office, and further for a visit at Lion Ben Fry and Tammy's garage sale, where I pointed out to Ben that he owned a frog gig, which he assumed was a pecan tree shaker, since that was all he had ever used it for. That will probably cost him a quarter Wednesday. If you were a Lion, you'd understand!

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