Wednesday, April 7, 2010

EARLY Morning Ride


Today I decided to get a little exercise on the bike, then ride back home to clean up before the commute in to work. Since it is only about a mile to the office, I can come back home clean up, and then pedal leisurely into the office, fresh as a daisy!
This view looking North on Preston Street reminds me of when I was a kid delivering the Dallas Morning News. Early mornings are generally quiet and peaceful. The amber lights around Ennis are a lot different from what we had in the 60's when I was growing up, but they are softer and helped make the ride more pleasant. One thing I had not thought of before I left the house was the swarms of bugs that flew towards my headlight, and therefore all over me!Well I passed a herd of COWS! Do you know where you would find cows near a nice neighborhood in your hometown?

As I was riding South on Park Street, I passed my first field of bluebonnets. They were not really photo worthy yet, but a real harbinger of Spring. I think by this weekend, a ride to the country will be in order to get some bluebonnet photos.

I was not the only guy out getting exercise in Ennis this morning, if you look closely you can see a man walking on the nice concrete path on top of the dam at the old lake. Another thing I see a lot of these days on my commute to work in the mornings is school buses. Back in the day, the buses only ran for the kids that lived in the country, if you lived within two miles of your school, you went by foot, bike, or private car. I'd love to see more kids walking or biking to school again....


  1. Yes, there ARE cows on my regular route. Are there buffalo on yours? I'd like to see a Bicycle Bill post about the reaction of a cyclist blowing kisses at the cows. If YOUR cows are like mine, they take a great deal of interest in such things...

  2. I sure hope there are bluebonnets this weekend!!!!

  3. Steve, no buffalo, and well, I've never tried blowing kisses to a cow, some of my experience blowing kisses to women has not been favorable, though....

    Totsy, there should be some very nice bluebonnets this weekend.