Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Coffee, Breakfast, and More Coffee

It was cool this morning when Mrs. Bicycle Bill agreed to ride to Whataburger for breakfast with me. It is about a mile and a half ride over there, so we ate a light breakfast and figured we’d burned some of those breakfast calories off on the ride back home. I really enjoy riding in the cool weather. All one needs to stay comfortable is a pair of full finger gloves and a light jacket to break the wind.

After we got home an old friend called and asked if we could meet for coffee. Dan Haynes lived here for years and now lives in Ruidoso, New Mexico. We have seen each other on Facebook recently, and Dan comes to Ennis every few weeks to visit with his father. We had a nice visit over coffee at Starbucks. Dan is a fine Christian man that really loves Jesus. We had a nice visit about Christian literature and the Bible Studies we have been active in, along with catching up on our respective families.

Dan has been a cowboy for as long as I have known him, working on ranches and such. He works with computers now. Of course I’ve tried to convince him to get off the horse and onto a bicycle. You have to feed a horse to make it go. To make my bike go, I only have to feed me, and I was probably going to do that anyway! Happy trails, friend.


  1. Are we talking about the Whataburger & Starbucks over by the freeway?

  2. Probably not the same freeway you are thinking about, Steve, unless you are thinking of IH 45 at Hwy 34 in Ennis!

  3. Acually, those are the only two places in Ennis I've eaten and drunk.