Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Hotter 'n Hell Lives Up to its Name

When my older son TJ and our friend Michael Freeman rolled into Finish Line Village at Wichita Falls, Texas this year, it was 105 degrees, with a surface temperature over 120!  The temperature eventually reached 109, a record heat for the HHH.

We camped out again this year, and it proved to be a big mistake!  It was far too hot to sleep when we finally turned in for the night.  I estimate that it was about 2am when it finally cooled off enough to sleep, and even then, sleep was fitful.  When the alarm went off at 4:45, I don't think any of the four of us had slept more than an hour or so.  There were supposed to be five of us this year, but my younger son Josh's wife London had to cancel her plans to ride because their daughter was ill.

Josh and I rode the 25 mile route again this year, just as we did last year.  The photo above was taken in front of a C130 transport plane at Shepherd AFB, which all of the shorter routes travel through.  It is really a highlight of the trip, with a great rest stop where the voluteers hold our bikes while we refresh ourselves with sports drinks, water, and cookies. 

Josh and I happily finished!

While TJ and Michael made excellent time on the 100 mile route, Josh and I beat our time from last year, and Josh had a much easer time of it. He has pledged to do the 100k next year. I'm already in training for it. Why don't you come join us?  By the way, we are planning on air conditioned accomodations next year!

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